Audiocore CCS-500

Audiocore CCS-500

Core Features :

- The CCS-500 is using high-quality single directivity condenser cartridge, with clear and balanced voice, with chairman and delegate functions.

- The CCS-500 control unit has four output socket, 4 socket can be connected with 60 units at the same time. Each socket can be used up to 20 units, and it can also be connected to an extension module to extend more than 60 units at the same time.

- Six Speech modes available to fit a variety of speech modes: chairman special / FIFO (first in first out) / LIFO(last in first out) / restricted speech / freedom mode / answer first mode.

- This series product can be used with PC software to connect to the computer to utilize the controller setting function.

- Built-in telephone coupler input and output interface, with communication voice signal input and output to control remote teleconference, and also supports telephone dial-out and pick up.

- Using XLR balanced output and 6.3 unbalanced mixed output for connectivity.

- Automatic mute function and scale eliminating circuit to avoid the shock and noise.

- Using high stability and high reliability surface mount components to significantly improve the stability, reliability and service life of the product.
  • Details

    Technical specifications :

    System control unit (CCS0500M) parameter :

    Power supply: AC 100-240V~50/60Hz
    Output impedance: RAC: 200Ω LINE:200Ω
    BALANCE: 300Ω
    Input impedance:
    LINE: 50KΩ
    S/N ratio: 100dB (1KHz THD1%)
    Size for case: 480x56x220mm
    Accessories: 10m 8P shielded cable

    Chairman unit (CCS-500C) / Delegate (CCS-500D) unit parameter :

    Polar pattern:one direction
    Frequency response:30Hz-18KHz
    Input voltage:DC 9V (powered by host)
    Min input impedance :1KΩ
    S/N ratio :68dB
    Accessories :2.0M 8P shielded cable
    2.0M 8P T3M shielded cable + windshield

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