Audiocore PAV-1211

Audiocore PAV-1211


- Automatic power control, no distortion in any power output, guaranteed!
- Uses Class D amplifier that drastically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of energy and extending the battery life.
- Hidden levers and pulleys design for simple appearance, and easy to carry around.
- Includes two handheld microphone. Also available in two handheld mic (Audiocore PAV-1220), easy to carry and to store anywhere.
- Built-in professional MP3 Player module, Bluetooth module and UHF wireless receiver module. Enjoy more than 5 hrs of non-stop music playback!
- Separate control knob for all audio input (volume, bass, and treble control knob).
- Built-in rechargeable battery and automatic charging device, it takes only 5-8 hours for the system to be fully recharged.
Working distance of up to 30m between the portable speaker and the included wireless microphone.
  • Details

    Technical Specification

    Frequency Range: 50Hz-20kHz
    T.H.D.: 0.2%@1kHz/10W
    Max. Power: 300W
    Sensitivity: 93dB@1W/m
    Power Capacity: 150W
    Operating Time: 5 hours at max. volume
    Recharge Time: 5-8 hrs
    Tweeter: 3.5" Titanium Driver
    Woofer: 12"
    Amplifier Type: Class D Amplifier
    Input: 2 x XLR or 1/4" jack, 1 x RCA or 3.5mm jack
    Output: RCA
    Battery: 2 x rechargeable 12V/7Ah
    Power Voltage: AC 100-240V
    Dimension: 41 x 35.5 x 58 cm
    Weight: 20.5 kg

    Frequency Band: UHF
    Frequency Range: 600-700MHz
    Power Supply: 6V+6V
    Transmit Power: 10mW
    Receive Sensitivity: -90dBm
    Modulation: DQPSK
    Bandwidth: 300kHz

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