Audiocore PMX-805MP3

Audiocore PMX-805MP3

 This powerful Power Mixer PMX series by Audiocore is equipped with 2 x 250 watt RMS monstrous power and it can produce a warm, clean, and smooth sound to any passive speaker from the range between 08 inch to 15 inch! One of the best selling product so far, this PMX Series Power Mixer has been widely used by many big corporations as well as sound engineers around the globe.

This 8-mono channel model also has DSP Effect features and USB connectivity for direct MP3 playback. Its everything that you ever need in an ellegant but yet simple device.

High quality professional power mixer, perfect for small to medium stage or venues.
  • Details

    Specifications :

    - 8 channel with Group and USB Connectivity for MP3 playback
    - Power Out 8 Ohm-2x250W RMS
    - AC 220V 50-60V
    - Ellegant and high quality side wooden finish
    - RCA input

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