Audiocore WCM-1080V

Audiocore WCM-1080V

Audiocore WCM-1080V (Wireless Conference Microphone Series) is a locked-in eight-channel VHF wireless conference microphone set with a high sensitivity, wide frequency response resulting to a good and stable performance and simple to operate.

This model has been sold worldwide for a variety of meeting occasions. The receiver is equipped with Full Metal Material standard chassis, 1U metal panel configuration eight-channel receiver, and has the choice of balanced audio output jack or mixed / unbalanced output to meet the variety of connections.
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    Technical Specifications

    Receiver Parameters
    Oscillation Mode: Quartz Crystal Oscillator (Quartz Crystal)
    Frequency Range: VHF 200MHz~270MHz
    Frequency Stability: ± 0.001%
    Maximum Frequency Deviation: ± 50kHz
    Modulation: FM
    Signal to Noise Ratio (S/N Ratio): > 105dB
    Distortion (T.H.D): < 0.5%@1kHz
    Sensitivity: 1.2/UV@S/N=12dB
    Power Supply: DC: 12V~17V
    Audio Output: Independent (Free standing) 0~400mV, Hybrid (Mixed style) 0~300mV

    Transmitter Parameters
    Power Supply: DC 9V
    Microphone Power Consumption: 30mA
    Carrier Frequency: VHF 200MHz~270MHz
    Frequency Stability: ± 25kHz
    Signal to Noise Ratio (S/N Ratio): > 105dB
    Adjacent Channel Interference Ratio (F/N Ratio): > 80dB
    Dynamic Range : ≥ 100dB
    Type: Capacitance
    Polarity Mode: Unidirectional
    Frequency Response: 40Hz~20kHz
    Microphone Sensitivity: - 47±3dB@1kHz

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