Audiocore WCS-1000

Audiocore WCS-1000

 Audiocore WCS-1000 Premium Wireless Conference System with Chairman and Delegate Microphones

Welcome to the world of wireless! The Audiocore WCS-1000 is a wireless conference system using a latest and sophisticated wireless digital technology to process the audio signal and control signal with scientific ID code design without complicated cables required.

Within the signal coverage range of the base receiver, the transmitter microphones can be freely moved and unlimited number of units can be supported. It also has the auto function and auto assign the frequency to block interference signal. The WSC-1000 is built with the highest standard of quality and perfect for any meeting rooms, classes, and for goverment projects.

Core Features :

- New numerical control design.
- Equipped with condenser pick-up, to provide the best voice definition and directivity.
- LCD screen with various status idicators.
- On / Off Lamp indicator ring in the Microphone Head.
- Built-in 3.7V lithium battery, USB socket, rechargeable.
- Continous use up to 15 hours (low power eco design).
- Delegate unit and Chairman unit can support 1-4 people to speak at the same time.
  • Details

    Technical Specifications :

    Chairman unit parameters

    Power supply: Built-in 3.7V lithium battery
    Emission power : 10mW
    Maximum frequency deviation : ±45KHz
    Pickup head : condenser, single direction
    Sensitivity :-45±2dB@1KHz
    Frequency response : 20Hz~18KHz
    Power consumption : 130mA

    Delegate unit parameters

    Power supply: Built-in 3.7V lithium battery
    Emission power:10mW
    Maximum frequency deviation: ±45KHz
    Pickup head: capacitance, single direction
    Frequency response:20Hz~18KHz
    Power consumption:130mA

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