Audiocore WH-1020V

Audiocore WH-1020V


Audiocore WH-1020V consists of 2 high quality handheld microphones bundled in one package with one receiver, suitable for indoor or outdoor use with crystal clear sound and volume / gain control for each channel.


- Value package, save your money and get 2 high quality handheld microphones in one package without having to buy needless extra receivers!

- Multi-level high quality sound surface wave filter with high quality of anti-interference with high quality of frequency selection.

- Professional audio output: XLR balanced output and 6.3 unbalanced output.

- LCD monitors are available (for WH-1025V model only)

- Auto-mute and noise muffler circuit, eliminating noise when turning the system on and off

- Adopt highly reliable SMT production
  • Details

    Product parameters(VHF)

    Receiver Parameter
    Mode of oscillation: Quartz Crystal
    Frequency range: VHF 170MHz-270MHz
    Frequency stability:±0.001%
    Maximum frequency deviation: ±25KHz
    Modulation system: FM
    Signal-to-noise ratio: >105dB
    Distortion factor:<0.5%@1KHz
    Power supply: DC 12V-17V
    Audio output: Independent :0~+400mV
    Hybrid : 0~+300mV
    Power: 5W

    Handheld microphone parameter

    RF Power: >20mW
    Antenna: Built-in
    Capsule Type: moving-coil
    Battery: DC 9V
    Battery consumption:<30mA
    Battery life: 8 hours continued working
    Working temperature:-10~55℃

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