Audiocore WHL-1020V

Audiocore WHL-1020V

Audiocore WHL-1020V consists of 1 high quality handheld microphones and 1 Bodypack (with choice of clip on / headset) bundled in one package with one receiver, suitable for indoor or outdoor use with crystal clear sound and gain control for each channel. This model is the best option of value for money!


- Value package, save your money and get 1 handheld microphones and 1 bodypack (clip on / headset mic) in one package without having to buy needless extra receivers!

- Multi-level high quality sound surface wave filter with high quality of anti-interference with high quality of frequency selection.

- Professional audio output: XLR balanced output and 6.3 unbalanced output.

- LCD monitors are available (for 1025V model only)

- Auto-mute and noise muffler circuit, eliminating noise when turning the system on and off

- Adopt highly reliable SMT production
  • Details

    Product parameters(VHF)

    Receiver Parameter
    Mode of oscillation: Quartz Crystal
    Frequency range: VHF 170MHz-270MHz
    Frequency stability:±0.001%
    Maximum frequency deviation: ±25KHz
    Modulation system: FM
    Signal-to-noise ratio: >105dB
    Distortion factor:<0.5%@1KHz
    Power supply: DC 12V-17V
    Audio output: Independent :0~+400mV
    Hybrid : 0~+300mV
    Power: 5W

    Handheld microphone parameter

    RF Power: >20mW
    Antenna: Built-in
    Capsule Type: moving-coil
    Battery: DC 9V
    Battery consumption:<30mA
    Battery life: 8 hours continued working
    Working temperature:-10~55℃

    Body-pack transmitter parameter

    RF Power :>20mW
    Antenna :External
    Preemphasis :50uS
    Capsule Type :Condenser
    Battery :DC 9V
    Battery consumption :<30mA
    Battery life :8 hours continued working
    Working temperature :-10~55 ℃
    Power :10mw

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