Audiocore WL-6420U

Audiocore WL-6420U

Audiocore WL-6420U is a high-end wireless systems with 2 bodypack tranmitters (optional choice of clip on / headset) and 1 receiver using the latest technology to reduce noise and increase gain and clarity while giving the user a total ultimate control to the parameter settings. This system is suitable for big venues, concerts, auditorium halls, live performances, and indoor meetings to presentation needs such as seminars, lecture halls, etc.


- State of the art design and technology, the WL-6420U is the best wireless system in it's class and adopt the latest electronic circuit and mainboard available in the market to deliver the highest quality in wireless sound for your presentation needs!
- UHF international standard frequency range without interference, The WL-6420U has a broad UHF frequency range of 500 MHz-900MHz and has a 64 selectable frequency for each channel, up to 512 microphones in total can be used simultaneously in one system.
- Multi-adjusting frequency (several set can be used simultaneously up to 512 microphones)
- The WL-6420U has a micro-processor control and phase-locked loop frequency synthesis technology
- Multi-channel high quality sound surface wave filter with high quality anti-interference system
- Equipped with LCD screen to monitor the working parameters, easy to read and user friendly
- Equipped with adjusting knob in the receiver modules
- Professional audio output : XLR balanced output and 6.3 unbalanced output
- Auto-mute and noise canceller circuit, eliminating the noise when user turn the mic on or off
- Using a reliable SMT production for high-end wireless presentation system
- Rugged construction and high quality materials applied for maximum satisfaction
  • Details

    Technical Specifications

    Receiver parameters

    Mode of oscillation : PLL synthesized
    Frequency range : UHF 500MHz-900MHz
    Frequency stability : ±0.001%
    Maximum frequency deviation : ±30kHz
    Modulation system : FM
    S/N ratio : >105dB
    T.H.D : <0.5%@1kHz
    Sensitivity : 1.2/UV@S/N=12dB
    Power supply : DC 12V-17V
    Audio output : Independent :0~+400mV
    Mixed style : 0~+300mV
    Power : Two channel: 4.5W
    Eight channel : 9W

    Body-pack Microphone parameters

    Power supply : DC3V (1.5V AA*2)
    Power consumption : 100mA
    Carrier frequency : UHF 500MHz-900MHz
    Frequency stability : ±25kHz
    Signal-to-noise ratio : >105dB
    Adjacent frequency interference ratio : >80dB
    Dynamic range : ≥100dB
    Type : Condenser
    Frequency response : 40Hz-20kHz
    Sensitivity : -47±3dB@1kHz
    Power : 10mW

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